It's my second time in Port-au-Prince, Haiti and I'm slightly less overwhelmed than my first time--not in a bad way of course, but the sensory experience is real. After texting on my US Verizon iPhone tethered to a European iPhone with a Haitian SIM card creating a hotspot, I finally get the address, scratch that-- a location--scratch that-- a general area, that I've been waiting for. "In the Champ de Mars, past the theatre, the first street on your right, its a big red gate at the end of the road, that's the studio," wrote Ogun.  


Later on that night I asked one of the guys at the studio how to spell the neighborhood where we were "Champ De Mars" so I could text a friend the location. He spelled out "C-H-A-N-N-M-A-S." I was so confused, I said "Champ de Mars?" "Y...







My main contact in Port Au Prince, Haiti is  21 year old superstar named Romel Jean Pierre. He is well known for his work with street artist JR and for his Tele Ghetto project and many different social/art/empowerment projects throughout Haiti. 


After a day of drinking too much rum at the beach, the sun had set as we drove back into Port-au-Prince.


Port Au Prince at night has this feeling, its like darkness with little islands of light. if the power goes out downtown in NYC or Philly, there are all these little battery powered emergency lights that come on in different businesses and on official buildings-- it feels like that. Life goes on just as normal, albiet at a slower pace, but people just carry on their regular business and tasks in darkness. 

In contrastto Ogun's stud...

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